My name is Saranda and I am the founder of Louve Naturals. "Louve" is French for "she-wolf". When I was young, my dad would tell me when I was sick, “You need to eat and take care of your body so that when you’re eighty years old, you can still be running with the wolves.” He knew how much I loved wolves from our camping trips and frequent childhood visits to the International Wolf Center. Those simple words reinforced my love for wolves and eventually led to my career in wolf research.

    When I first was beginning my career in wildlife research, I realized I felt like I had to keep doing more for the wildlife I desperately loved. I quickly became vegetarian during my undergrad, then transitioned to a vegan diet. During the shift in my diet, I once again, felt like I needed to do more for our planet and wildlife. This is where Louve Naturals birthed in the back of my mind. I transitioned to more low waste/zero waste products and all natural products. Then one day it just clicked: I can provide these options to the people in my life! Sustainable options should be available to everyone seeking to do more. I aim to create affordable, sustainable options so that anyone can participate in sustainability. 

    Louve Naturals is about reclaiming your power; it is about channeling your inner wolf and wild spirit. The idea of Louve Naturals found me in a time in my life where I felt I had no power or control of it. I had just lost a big step in my career and it felt like I would never recover. I think that is how a lot of people view sustainability and the damage to our environments. Sometimes we can feel powerless when we look at the big picture of the planet. We feel like we can't do enough or our life can't make a big enough impact, so what's the point in trying? But we can do enough and we can make a difference for our our wildlife, our wild lands, and our Earth. Sustainable options should be available and affordable for everyone looking to help make a difference, and that's where Louve Naturals comes in. So join me and your fellow wild spirits in helping our earth, one sustainable step at a time.