Sunshine Lotion Bar

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A 4 ounce solid, luxurious lotion bar handcrafted from natural butters and oils. Free from plastic packaging, these lotion bars typically last longer than liquid lotions. 

Mango butter is a rich moisturizer; it is very soothing and healing without being greasy on the skin. The Vitamin C in mango butter help to boost skin by brightening it and Vitamin A helps to increase the skin's youthful appearance. 

Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which help promote skin health by regenerating damaged skin cells The oil is light and non-greasy and thus, it gets absorbed in the skin easily without blocking the pores. Sunflower oil is a natural moisturizer and helps with dry, sensitive skin. 

How to use: Warm bar in between hands for 15-20 seconds, then gently rub on skin. Keep your bar in the bathroom while you shower and it'll be ready for use once you're done. 

Tip: To prolong the life of your lotion bar, do not let it sit pooled in water. I recommend purchasing a metal tin to store your lotion bar in. You can purchase a metal tin here

Store in cool, dry place! This product is designed to melt upon skin contact; therefore, it may melt in-transit during summer heat. If melting occurs, place your lotion bar in the fridge/freezer for an hour or two or until hardened. Placing your lotion bar in sunlight or heat will cause bar to melt. 

Ingredients: mango butter, sunflower oil, candelilla wax, arrowroot powder, essential oils of: orange, grapefruit, and lemongrass.